uplevel your prospect to
client processes +beyond

so you can get back to those things that set your soul on fire within your business

You are not alone!

1 in 10 entrepreneurs do NOT have a fully functioning system with organization and email marketing…


What if I told you that in 1 Day we could work together to get all things in one cohesive easy to use system customized specifically for you?

Yes, it’s possible!
And I want to be your guide.



From NO System to Fully Functioning in just 1 day

"Hold the vision. Drop the excuses. Remember your why. Swerve around obstacles. Trust the process."



Let’s break it down! What does your ideal Lead Gen > Prospect > Client +BEYOND journey look like?

Don’t put too much thought into it …

We’ll review this mastermind style!
We’ll spend the first part of our day discussing, deliberating and dreaming up the ideal process for that works best for YOU!


It’s time to map it out! Nothing like pen and paper to bring your ideas to life. 

We’ve walked through the Strategy and now we need to map out exactly what your process is going to look like …

From lead gen organization (with a sales pipeline) to lead nurture and creating an amazing client onboarding process. Don’t worry, we’ll read between the lines too!

ENTER … what is automation and how is it going to get me back into my business doing the things that truly set my soul on fire?!


It’s time to make the magic happen!

Yes, this is the part where I get to dive in and help YOU bring out your inner nerd …

Whether you have an existing system that you just aren’t using or starting from scratch we’re going to work side-by-side to create YOUR dream system.


who is this for?

Small Business Owners Ready to Get Organized before the new year!

Let’s find the right system for you that will store and manage your customer and prospect data, tracking your interactions and helping you WIN more customers by boosting your sales, improving your customer service and automate your marketing.

1-day virtual workshop

Strategy. Structure. Systematize. In 1 day we'll become besties via Zoom while talking about our nerdy dreams of the perfect system.

3-month access to replay's

Will you have more ideas after our 1-Day workshop? The answer is ... YES! You'll be able to access all replay's for 3-months to continue building out your dream system.

Exclusive Marco Polo Access

To reach out directly to Kyla and ask those top of the mind questions and double check that you're still on the right track. Two minds are better than one!

Detailed Workbook To Map Out Your Tech

Don't you worry your little heart! I got you ♡ Along with a fun little surprise coming through snail-mail you'll have the perfect workbook to guide you through every step of this process.

1-on-1 System Review with Kyla

I'm not going to leave you high and dry as soon as our workshop is over ... that's how we got in this position to begin with. We'll schedule a 1 hour review to test your system and answer any lingering questions you may have.

BONUS: Top 3 Automation Hacks for Small Business Owners

There comes a time in every small business venture where you realize you simply cannot do it all yourself…

"Hold the vision. Drop the excuses. Remember your why. Swerve around obstacles. Trust the process."


Strategy. Structure. Systematize.
DATE: You Get To Choose

In the Tune Up Your Tech In A Day you’ll get:

  • 1-Day (6 hour) Virtual Workshop
  • 3-Month Access to Replay’s
  • Exclusive Marco Polo Access (for 7-days)
  • Detailed Workbook to Map Out Your Tech
  • 1-on-1 System Review with Kyla
  • BONUS: Top 3 Automation Hacks for Small Business Owners



Not sure if this is the right fit for you, schedule a quick call with Kyla here.


I Am Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

We’re going to hammer it out!

I’ve been using and creating systems for more than 7 years. I assure you that in this 1-Day workshop we’ll get through everything. You’ll walk away with a custom-to-you system that makes sense to you, with a sales pipeline, welcome email, newsletter optin on your site and more.

Because we’re notorious for not going back and watching a lifetime replay. Instead we know it’ll be there, then we get busy and decide to go back “tomorrow.”

3-months allows you to keep this project front of mind and get ‘ish done!

**Upon request, additional time will be given.

ONLY if you promise to utilize the system we create together. 
It’s so easy to complete initial setup while your hand is held through each step of the process. But I need you to promise me that you’ll keep using the system created.

If you can keep that promise I can keep the promise to YOU that this custom-to-you system will work!

We’ll meet for 6 hours to cover all deliverability’s within this workshop!

I ask that you commit this time to yourself and to creating a system that works best for you before the end of the year.

*AGENDA to follow upon registration